Hope to Health Hero

Campaign Champions

Hope to Health Campaign Advisors and Cabinet

We’re grateful for the generosity of our community and the many leaders who contributed to the Hope to Health campaign for the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital.

Campaign Advisors

  • Jon Hammes (MCW Board of Trustees)
  • Ted Kellner (MCW Board of Trustees)
  • David Lubar (Froedtert Health Board & MCW Board of Trustees)
  • Linda Mellowes (MCW Board of Trustees)

Campaign Cabinet

  • Kurt Bechthold (Froedtert Health Board)
  • Dr. Dan Geenen (MCW Alumnus)
  • Dr. David Haskell * (MCW Alumnus)
  • Dr. Shekar Kurpad (MCW Faculty Member)
  • Arlene Lee (Community Member)
  • David Marcus (Froedtert Hospital Foundation Board)
  • Patti McKeithan (Community Member)
  • Cory Nettles (MCW Board of Trustees)
  • Ann Dudley Shannon (Regional Campus and Foundation Representative)
  • Dr. Roy Silverstein (MCW Faculty Member)
  • Dr. Jim Thomas (MCW Faculty Member)

*In memoriam